Toys for Kids for the Summer Holidays

Toys for Kids for the Summer Holidays

Summer holidays

Summer is approaching and we’re sure many of you are planning on going away for a week or two. Whether you’re driving to Wales or hopping on a plane to sunny Spain, it’s important to be able to keep the kids busy while travelling. As such journeys can take a few hours to reach your destination, keeping children occupied can make those long trips much easier to handle. Here are ten toys that we recommend for both the journey and the destination. 

Our criteria 

Before we begin, let’s highlight a few things that we believe make a great travel toy for children. For starters, mess-free toys and playsets are a must. As such we would not recommend Play-Doh, stickers, or anything that can leave lasting marks or stains. 

Secondly, portability is key. We’re huge fans of travel-sized board games, and toys that can easily be put away after use. This also helps to minimise luggage weight when travelling abroad. Finally, toys that are durable and unlikely to break are a must for travel. As such we’ll be recommending a lot of items made from thick plastic. 

With all this in mind, and without further ado, let’s begin with the list.

Board games 

Board games may not readily seem all that exciting on the surface, but they are deceptive in their addiction and can really help to pass the time on those long trips. We’re big fans of travel sized board games that don’t utilise tons of tiny pieces; Scrabble is a great game for the living room, but the number of pieces mean that some may get lost while travelling, and the focus on letters and reading could trigger motion sickness. 

Alternatively, we would highly recommend the Guess Who Travel Board Game from Hasbro. As the cards can be easily clipped onto the board, there’s little risk of losing them. The focus on pictures over words also reduces the chance of motion sickness that can occur when reading during travel. 

NERF products 

Nothing keeps kids quite as active as a day out in the sun with fun NERF blasters and soakers. The bright foam darts of the blasters are harmless and easy to retrieve, while Super Soakers are easily refillable with water. They are perfect for long hot days out on the beach. 

Keeping portability in mind, we recommend the Super Soaker Alphafire blaster, a compact water gun that’s also affordable. The Vortex Aero Howler is another popular choice. This throwable foam toy is essential for energetic games of catch across longer distances. 

Card games 

The rain soaked caravan holiday. We’ve all been there. While it’s certainly not what you had in mind, having a caravan night in as the rain patters against the roof can be strangely charming and comforting. Be ready for this scenario with our card game recommendations. 

Naturally, Waddingtons provides a swathe of high quality 52 card decks, perfect for games of War, Poker, Blackjack, Old Maid, Go Fish and many more classic card games. 

Top Trumps is a long-running series of themed 30 card decks, most of which are based on fan favourite movies and TV shows, as well as topics like animals, cityscapes, wonders of the world and so much more! These affordable decks provide hours of fun and we have many different varieties available on our website. 

Finally, card games that offer a more unique experience are all the rage these days. The Minecraft card game condenses the popular video game into a fun and unpredictable time. UNO also offer themed decks with unique rules, such as their Cars 3 tin and DC Superhero Girls deck. 

Scooping vehicles 

What’s more fun than a sandcastle? How about one that moves? Okay, so the products we have in mind don’t exactly create castles, but these sand loaders provide children with hours of imaginative play on the beach. 

What better line of toys to achieve this than the robotic dino vehicles of the Dinotrux TV series? Kids can turn the beach into their very own sand-loading construction sites, keeping them occupied for those long lazy days out in the sun. 

Plastic figure sets 

Ideal for any occasion, we love little collections of themed plastic figures. Whether they be dinosaurs, vehicles or creatures of any kind, sets of smaller figures tick all the right boxes: portable, durable and 100% mess and clutter free. 

For younger children, we recommend Fisher Price’s Little People range, which is comprised of sets of figures and playsets that fit into the palm of your child’s hand. There’s a Little People set for just about every environment and preference. From Toy Story to Disney Princess there’s really something for every child! 

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