Toys for Teens - Which Toys are Good for Teenagers?

Toys for Teens - Which Toys are Good for Teenagers?

Toys for Teens - Which Toys are Good for Teenagers?

Growing out of Ben 10, Shopkins, Ninja Turtles and Barbie? We have you covered with toys for that early teen years age bracket.

It’s an obvious one to start with, but you’re seriously never too old to enjoy Lego! Whether it be assorted collections of bricks to quick and freeform building, or full sets from popular brands like Star Wars and Minecraft, somewhere out there is a Lego set to suit your tastes.

Creative building toys like Lego can be perfect for chilling out and relieving stress, something that may be important as a child grows into their teens and begins taking on more responsibilities. Lego throughout the years has offered quality building sets that instill pure therapeutic joy.

A more technical, nitty gritty series of building toys, Meccano isn’t quite as simple as clicking bricks onto each other. Meccano involves using tools, nuts and bolts and more to piece together metallic parts to form interactive toys, such as vehicles. Meccano is more advanced and potentially more immersive than Lego. It’s a great series of toys to get into for teens interested in engineering, mechanics and similar fields.

Funko offers a huge range of affordable, collectible figures. The Pop! Range is particularly popular, and chances are if you may already own at least one of them! Funko figures are usually made for display and typically don’t offer much in the way of articulation. However, the sleek vinyl finish and level of detail make up for this tremendously.

Funko Pop vinyl figures quite often have a stigma attached to them; a common argument being that the abundance of products available has bled over into the wider collectible market – and the fact they are so affordable and easily acquired can shunt more desirable collectibles into the shadows.

Even still, we see Funko products as inoffensive and have noticed that they often offer figures from series that don’t typically get a lot of merchandise, if any at all. This makes them a sound choice for collectors of obscure series.

Star Wars Black Series 
The Black Series is a range of premium Star Wars collectible figures, vehicles and playsets that look stunning. From A New Hope to Rogue One and everything in between, the Black Series offers products spanning the entire Star Wars franchise.

These products come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common are the surprisingly agreeable prices for such high-quality collectibles. We have a wide range of Black Series items (and many other Star Wars toys and collectibles) right here on our site.

Minecraft is especially popular among younger demographics due to its near limitless possibilities for creativity. It often tasks players with surviving impossible odds and building anything from rickety makeshift shelters to towering stone castles.

The block filled phenomenon unsurprisingly has a large variety of toys and collectibles associated with it. Figures, plushes, building sets and more capture the blocky spirit of the landmark video game. Many of the toys highlight the uniqueness of Minecraft, from minecart miniatures to a creepy cuddly Enderman.

When it comes to affordable display figures there are few better than Schleich. Teens who are into superheroes will find tons to love from Schleich’s range. The company create highly detailed display figures of both Marvel and DC stalwarts such as Spider-Man, Batman and more.

Each figure is painted by hand, offering an authentic feel to them that is hard to replicate. Essentially, it means that no one figure from Schleich is the same, creating a sense of charming uniqueness not found among other similarly priced brands.

Nerf has been a mainstay toy with older kids for generations now. The famous foam dart blasters and Super Soakers have provided hours of adrenaline fuelled fun, particularly during summer time. If you’re looking for high octane imaginative play with your friends, or getting them drenched with a Super Soaker, we have you covered with a range of Nerf products to suit any occasion.

Smooshy Mushy Bentos 
A favourite in the Maqio office, Smooshy Mushies are novel, collectible squishy toys that mix adorable animals with scrumptious looking Japanese food. Each individual set is made up of several cute companions and accessories, and they’re excellent for both display and stress relief. Squeezy toys such as these are great to have when going through high stress situations such as study or revision sessions.

DropMix is a very special piece of gear that’s the ideal gift for music lovers of all genres. From the creators of the Rock Band series of video games, DropMix continues the trend of utilising a physical piece of equipment to interact with the game.

However, instead of requiring guitars, drums, keyboard and microphone to perform with a full set of friends, all DropMix requires is the singular unit itself, along with a smartphone and collectible DropMix “sample cards.”

The cards are placed on the unit and in doing so interact with the DropMix app to morph the soundtrack in any way you like! It’s a superbly fun party game available to play in both a chilled cooperative environment as well as a more competitive head to head mode.

Monster High 

Monster High dolls might be for kids on the surface, but their horror aesthetic offers a unique twist on more conventional doll design. Much like My Little Pony or Adventure Time, there is an element of the series that can appeal to older demographics.

Characters like Draculaura, Frankie Stein and Clawdeen Wolf are cutesy versions of classic horror monsters and characters, lending the Monster High franchise a spooky charm that will resonate with teens as well as children.


The adventures of Marinette and company have proven to be extremely popular among teens and it’s easy to see why. Relatable characters and cool heroic moments have propelled this series into the limelight for years now. Naturally such a success has been followed by a range of physical products, including figures of Ladybug and Cat Noir.