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Junior Scrabble Board Game for Family & Kids in - - - SPANISH LANGUAGE - - -

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With Scrabble Junior, your children will have so much fun that they will not even realise they are learning! It is fast, simple to play, and very entertaining. With Scrabble Junior, children can now participate in all of the excitement and difficulty of Scrabble at their own level. Thanks to a two-sided board, children can play two excellent Scrabble games depending on their age and ability level, which is ideal for helping them expand their vocabulary as they grow. When it comes to smaller children, words and visuals are great. Your children will build confidence in spelling and reading as they use the Scrabble tiles to spell out the bright, colourful images on the board in a fun and welcoming environment. When you reach Level 2, you will be introduced to a second game called Colors and Counters, which is designed to encourage older children to make up their own words now that they have gained more confidence in their spelling abilities.

Please note: This toy is in the Spanish Language.

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