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Barbie Babysitting Playset with Skipper Doll Baby Doll Bouncy Stroller

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Babysitting is Skipper's personal love, and she is following in the footsteps of her elder sister, Barbie, who also pursued this career path. The Skipper doll and her companions have come together to establish Babysitters Inc., and they are ready to assist children in acting out their first employment as babysitters. This set from Skipper Babysitting Inc. comes with a babysitter doll, a baby or toddler to care for, furniture to act out a classic nurturing moment, and themed accessories to increase the enjoyment of telling stories.
The Skipper doll is well aware that infants and toddlers demand a great deal of attention, and she is prepared to fulfil this role. She is able to keep the baby happy throughout the day, whether it is at feeding time, sleep time, or play time. Play out a stroll with the toddler doll utilising the one-of-a-kind stroller that is included in the set; when it is moved forward, the stroller's charming passenger doll bounces up and down in a cute fashion. It is designed in purple with silvery and black embellishments, and it features grips for youngsters to grasp the handlebar while they let their imaginations go wild with Skipper doll holding the handlebar.
The inclusion of additional components broadens the scope of both the realistic role-playing and the narrative possibilities. A bottle that the toddler doll can handle, a teddy bear, a toy mobile phone that is modelled after one of Fisher-iconic Price's models, and a snack are included for the doll. There is a chocolate drink, a mobile phone, and a diaper bag that can be held by Skipper doll. These are the essentials that she needs to have. In addition to that, she is able to keep up with the infant while wearing a t-shirt with a colourful emoji sticker, a denim skirt, and pink shoes. The little girl is adorable in her yellow romper with a white design, and her white shoes complete the appearance.

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