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Barbie Clothes Fashion Pack By Roxy - Stripe Top Pink Shorts & Soft Hat

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Putting her own spin on the newest fashion trends is something Barbie doll (sold separately) enjoys doing. As a result, she's created a stylish line of doll outfits that incorporates some of her favourite inspirations. To create each full appearance, which consists of one clothing plus two accessories, famous emblems from lifestyle brand Roxy were incorporated into drawings and prints. Combine with other pieces from the collection to create alternative appearances and experiment with different styles. Children might amass a large collection of them in order to broaden their play and fashion options. Each Barbie doll clothing set comes with one dress and one set of accessories; the doll is offered separately from the clothing sets. The universal fit is intended to accommodate the majority of Barbie dolls. Each fashion bundle is available for purchase individually, depending on availability. Colors and decorations are subject to change. ?
Includes: 1 wardrobe set (1 Roxy top, 1 pair of pink shorts, 1 hat, 1 bracelet), 1 hat, 1 bracelet (included)."

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Product Specifications
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  • Size: 2 x 18 x 11 cm
  • MPN: GRD44
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  • Weight: 35.0000 g