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Barbie Colour Reveal Advent Calendar for Christmas with 25 Surprises Inc Doll

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With the Barbie Color Reveal Advent Calendar, you can count down the days until the Christmas season in style. Children will have a blast opening each of the 25 daily surprises, which include 1 Barbie Colour Reveal doll and 1 Color Reveal pet husky dog.
On day 1, begin the reveal experience by removing the inner tube and unscrewing the top. Next, take out a Barbie doll that is coated in a blue coating with snowflakes all the way from head to toe! After filling the tube with warm water, placing the doll inside, and twirling her around, the water will transform into a lovely metallic blue hue with whirling snowflakes. When you pull the doll out, you can see her stylish winter outfit.
Over the course of the next 24 days, children will have the opportunity to open a new door in order to uncover a new surprise. Some of the surprises that can be found behind these doors include: a Color Reveal husky puppy with a shiny silvery coating, two hair extensions, six winter-themed outfits, three pairs of shoes, three fashion accessories, and six additional surprise pieces, such as a child-sized bracelet with two charms.
The children may use the components to dress and adorn the Barbie doll for a fun day in the snow, skating at the rink, decorating the tree, and other holiday-themed adventures, and then put everything in the tube when they are through playing with it.

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