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Barbie Colour Reveal Chelsea Sand And Sun Blind Pack

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When you open the tube, you'll discover a Colour Reveal Chelsea doll with a coating that looks like marble and four mystery bags that each have a surprise inside of them. This is all part of the enjoyment of the packing. The fact that the children have no idea which doll they will get adds to the excitement.
Filling the tube with warm water, dipping the doll inside, giving it a good stir, and'll find out which doll is hidden within! When the doll is removed from the water, a light pastel blue colour is seen, and the doll's appearance is unveiled!
The colour of the Chelsea doll's hair can be changed by rinsing it in ice-cold water; by alternating between warm and ice-cold water, children may experience the "WOW" sensation of seeing the colour change over and over again!
When you open each of the four mystery bags, you will find a cover-up, a pair of shoes, a towel, and a beach-themed item such as a snorkel or sunglasses. These clothes and accessories are perfect for a day spent having fun in the sun.

Nothing is better than Barbie and her universe, enter her world using with these toys as well as the many other toys available at Maqio.

Product Specifications
  • Ages:
  • Size: 8.4 x 15.5 x 8.4 cm
  • MPN: GTT25
  • Batteries:
  • Weight: 100.0000 g