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Barbie Daisy Doll and Travel Set with Kitten Luggage Guitar & Accessories

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Adorable children's toy manufactured by Barbie; the Daisy doll comes with a trip-themed set that is inspired by Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. The set includes a cat as a travel companion, functional baggage, a guitar, and nine other unique accessories.
The handle of Daisy doll's purple and silvery suitcase can be collapsed, and the case opens and shuts for fun packing and unpacking activities; use the sheet of stickers that are provided to adorn the case (like musical notes). This Barbie doll comes with an acoustic guitar that has stylish, colourful stickers as well as a pink strap and manages to strike all the correct notes. There is a neck pillow, a water bottle, a toothbrush, toothpaste, headphones, a camera, and a mobile phone included in the kit; all of these travel essentials have been decked out in vivid colours and are adorned with amusing stickers.
Included in the package is a Daisy doll dressed in fashion and shoes, as well as a cat, a suitcase, a guitar with a strap, a sticker sheet, and nine components with a trip theme; the doll cannot stand on its own, and the colours and decorations may vary.
This Barbie set is a wonderful gift option for young explorers as well as lovers of the series thanks to its extensive collection of entertaining travel accessories.

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  • Size: 6.5 x 32.5 x 23 cm
  • MPN: FWV26
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  • Weight: 375.0000 g