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Barbie Dream Closet with Blonde Doll

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When you open up the Barbie Dream Closet, you will find a play room that is more than 2 feet (60 cm) wide and is equipped with kid-friendly features such as a rotating clothes rack and a work area. Kids may start playing right away with more than 30 different pieces.
Examine the manner in which Barbie doll appears in the full-length mirror in order to ascertain whether or not she is prepared to move (doll sold separately). Personalize your workspace with the classic designs shown on the stickers that are included in the package.
Simply turn the knob on the revolving clothes rack to make it spin, and you'll have no trouble finding Barbie the ideal outfit! Make use of the functional cabinets to assist in the storage of the thirty or more pieces of clothing and accessories. Children can easily arrange and reorganise their belongings, making cleanup a breeze.
Play out creative tales with Barbie doll as she is dressed in various outfits, such as a daily appearance, an evening look, a physician uniform, or a dive suit and fins, until it is time to change again! The tale may benefit from the addition of hangars and desk accessories. Shoes, a pocketbook, a hat, jewellery, and other amusing items, such as a stethoscope and a starfish, may be combined and matched, which adds to the possibilities and inspires children to play with different styles and make up their own tales.
Because this closet may be moved from place to place, the children do not have to interrupt their game when it is time to go. To make it easier to store, just fold it up, and use the carrying handle to transport it. Children are able to view their Barbie doll in her most recent outfit thanks to a door made of transparent material. This helps them come up with new outfit ideas.

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Product Specifications
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  • Size: 15 x 44.5 x 34 cm
  • MPN: GPM43
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  • Weight: 2060.0000 g