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Barbie Extra Doll with Pigtails and Bobble Hair Ties

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When it comes to style, Barbie Extra dolls have a "more is more" mentality. Each doll comes with 15 items, which include clothes, fashion accessories, a pet, and accessories for the pet, as well as clothing and fashion accessories for the doll. The new physique of the Barbie doll is more curvy than the previous one, and her hairdo is more dramatic than before, with long brown pigtails held in place with colourful rubber bands.
A star-print lavender ruffle blouse, black shorts with a frayed edge, and a neon faux fur shrug are the components of her bright and whimsical outfit, which highlights her self-assured sense of style.
Accessories like a star-shaped backpack, silvery boots, sunglasses, and layered silvery jewellery are included with Barbie dolls. These accessories allow for personal expression and unexpected exciting moments while presenting a narrative. The Pomeranian dog figurine comes complete with big cat-eye sunglasses and a fruit drink, making it oh-so-extra in its own right.

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Product Specifications
  • Ages:
  • Size: 7 x 33 x 24 cm
  • MPN: GXF10
  • Batteries:
  • Weight: 405.0000 g