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Barbie Leopard Rainbow Hair Doll 2 with Accessories

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Barbie doll's sense of style is limitless, and she enjoys experimenting with various hues and fashion trends to get the ideal appearance! Kids can let their imaginations go wild with the Barbie Leopard Rainbow Hair doll's long rainbow-colored hair by brushing it to the side to create a stunning ombre rainbow effect! By pouring cold water to the color-change function on the side, kids may have even more fun by seeing a leopard pattern emerge! Very nice! The 16 hair and fashion play pieces that come with Barbie doll allow you to create a variety of mix-and-match clothing combinations and different hairstyles, including utilising scrunchies that are compatible with Barbie doll's hair. Two hair pins, three scrunchie bracelets (which also work on Barbie doll's hair), hair bands, a brush, a heart-shaped T-shirt, a jean vest, cat ears, a cat purse, a necklace, a backpack, an extra pair of shoes, a sponge wand for the colour-changing feature, and a container for ice water are among the fashionable accessories included with the Barbie Leopard Rainbow Hair doll. Kids will like the many opportunities for imaginative play and style! Doll can't stand by herself. The embellishments and colours differ. fantastic gift for children between the ages of 3 and 7.

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  • Size: 6 x 32.7 x 23 cm
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