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Barbie Marvel Mystique Doll

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As part of the celebration of Marvel Comics' 80th anniversary, Barbie has created a homage to renowned X-Men antagonist Mystique. This super villain is a mutant with the ability to shapeshift who was born with it. She deceives her adversaries by taking on the look and speaking in the voice of whomever she chooses. The Mystique Barbie doll is every bit as seductive as the figure she is based on. This collectable Barbie doll portrays the super villain in a white dress with a double slit and a belt of skulls, which reflects his distinctive appearance. She has white gloves and boots on, and she has a distinctive skull detail on her forehead, among other things. Barbie's Mystique doll is sculpted in the likeness of the actress. With piercing golden eyes and azure blue skin. With the Mystique Barbie doll, you can commemorate 80 years of action, fandom, and Marvel Comics.