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Barbie Pediatrician Playset Blonde Doll Exam Table X-Ray

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With the help of this fun toy, you can pretend to be a doctor and treat young children and babies. contains a Barbie doctor doll, a toddler patient, a teddy bear, an exam table, an x-ray viewer, a stethoscope, and other medical supplies.
Toddler doll and her teddy bear are waiting on the exam table for Barbie's physician doll to examine them. The doll's arm is damaged and has to be x-rayed.
Barbie's doctor checks the little child in her care, takes an x-ray, and records the findings. It seems that the child needs a cast, and it should be pink.
With the flip of the eye chart, the x-ray chart transforms into a set of medical instruments that Barbie's physician doll may use!

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Product Specifications
  • Ages:
  • Size: 6 x 32.6 x 21.8 cm
  • MPN: GTN51
  • Batteries:
  • Weight: 350.0000 g