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Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc Doll and Nappy Diaper Bag

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?Barbie Skipper Babysitters dolls and playsets provide children the opportunity to explore the caring part of their personality. This crawling and playtime-themed set gives children the opportunity to play the role of the babysitter via a fun role-play element. The lovely baby doll's bottom has a color-change function that can go from filthy to clean and back again, and it's quite simple for small children to play with. After you have given the infant some ice-cold water from the bottle and have checked her bottom, you may see that she has successfully used the restroom. Rip open the diaper bag, take out the necessary items, and set up the changing area. Use the towel to wipe her bottom by rubbing it with friction; after you've done that, she should be content and ready to continue on. Put everything back in the bag, but before you go, don't forget to bring her hat! Children will have a great time pretending to care for this baby doll by feeding it, changing its diaper, and playing with it.

Nothing is better than Barbie and her universe, enter her world using with these toys as well as the many other toys available at Maqio.

Product Specifications
  • Ages:
  • Size: 4.8 x 16.5 x 16.2 cm
  • MPN: GHV86
  • Batteries: N/A
  • Weight: 95.0000 g