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Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc Dolls Paddling Pool Set

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Play out classic babysitting moments with this water-themed Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. playhouse that awakens children's imaginations with a babysitter doll named Skipper, a tiny doll, and a pool, among other accessories! Children may immerse themselves in imaginative play by filling the kiddie pool, which has an inflatable-like construction, and placing the toddler little doll inside of it. Using ice-cold water will cause the colour of her swimsuit to change, and using warm water will change it again.
Spraying the pink whale-shaped squirt toy with very cold water will cause the colour changing feature to become active. This will also help to cool down the Skipper doll. The Skipper babysitter doll accessorises her swimwear with a cover-up, sunglasses, and a contemporary tropical pattern swimsuit. The plug-and-play design keeps the colourful floatie and the two beverages in place for fun activity and makes cleaning a breeze. Additional inspiration for the tale may be found in the inclusion of these elements.

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Product Specifications
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  • Size: 7 x 32.5 x 22 cm
  • MPN: GRP39
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  • Weight: 365.0000 g