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Bubbleezz Animals - Ophelia Owl

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Product Specifications

  • Ages:
  • Size: 15.0 x 10.0 x 9.0 cm
  • MPN: 88941/59682
  • Batteries: N/A
  • Weight: 109 g
  • EAN: 622222059682

Reducing the Effects of Stress

Squishies serve a similar purpose as stress balls for young people. They are comfortable to squeeze and may help alleviate the anxiety that may have been caused by a difficult day at school or a stressful activity. Squishies are incredibly comfortable to squeeze because they are constructed from polyurethane, which gives them a very soft texture. This texture helps the person who is doing the squeezing feel more at ease. When a person squeezes one of the scented squishies, it will release a certain aroma into the air. Squishy scented toys may help youngsters alleviate anxiety that has been building up gradually by using both their sense of smell and touch.

Developing a Sharper Focus

The attention of younger children may be better directed as a result. When infants have specific senses stimulated, it might cause them to concentrate on an item that is grabbing their attention. They will have greater attention if they continue to concentrate on the thing for a longer period of time. The growth of one's cognitive abilities may benefit from this.

Raising One's Level of Productivity

Squishes are a great way to prevent youngsters from overworking themselves. This allows individuals to be more productive while also reducing the stress that exists inside them. A child's mind is not forced to work too hard if they take frequent pauses to fiddle with the squishy and this allows them to concentrate more effectively. Because of this, the youngster is able to do a far greater quantity of work in the allotted period of time, and the work itself is also significantly less likely to include mistakes.

They feel joy and excitement as a result of it.

Squishies are a fantastic toy that may provide joy and excitement to children. They jig about with glee as they experiment with various methods to pinch, toss, and smash the object in their hands. Children like discovering new ways to distort a squishy and then seeing it grow again after being deformed. These toys often provide a lot of joy and happiness to children, and scented squishes also have specific fragrances that are capable of making children laugh and grin.

For children who acquire knowledge by touch, it may serve as an educational tool.
Some children acquire knowledge through physically touching objects and by developing their sense of touch. They have a greater tendency to comprehend what they are learning better and absorb it more quickly when you give them those squishies to continually handle. Squishes may also assist children who are under continual strain to deal better. This is because squishes can work as a means to release tension due to their fragrances and the way that they distort. Squishes can also help children who are under constant pressure to cope better.

What exactly is a Squishy you ask?

A toy is said to be squishy if it can be deformed and twisted out of its original shape by applying pressure to it in the form of squeezing, sitting on it, tossing it, or any other similar action. The squishy object, on the other hand, will revert to its original form and dimensions as soon as the pressure is removed from it. Squishies come in a wide variety of styles, including unicorn squishies, panda squishies, and even faeces squishies. Squishies may be found in a variety of sizes, shapes, and forms.

Squishies may even be found in the shape of pets, dinosaurs, and a wide variety of other creatures and things. When making squishes, a unique foam composition is used, which, after being bent by pressure, can be reformed back to its original shape. Some squishies are fashioned in the style of keyrings, making them convenient to transport from place to place.