Curligirls Pop Teenage Play Doll Purple & Green Magic Hair 14cm - Charli

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CurliGirls are new dolls with magical hair that have just arrived! There are an infinite amount of various hairstyles to choose from, and you may experiment with them all. Is it better to have smooth or curly hair? You are no longer required to choose a choice! Pulling a strand of hair for a few seconds and then releasing it will cause it to curl. This is a new patented technique. There are a variety of accessories available to complement your CurliGirls hairdo! Do you wish to experiment with a new hairstyle? Putting her hair in warm water will restore its smoothness to it like a magic trick. It's that simple, you should try them out right now!

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Product Specifications
  • Ages:
  • Size: 6.1 x 23 x 10.9 cm
  • MPN: 82092
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  • Weight: 155.0000 g