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Disney Frozen Elsa Anna and Olaf Fashion Doll Set With Dresses

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In the second instalment of Disney's Frozen, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf go on a seemingly endless number of adventures in Arendelle and beyond! With this fashionable doll set depicting Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, children are able to act out scenes from the film Frozen 2, which was produced by Disney. Dolls of Anna and Elsa are clothed in fashionable clothing that were inspired by the movie. The finish on Olaf is one of a kind. In addition to a comb, the accessory pack contains two detachable pairs of shoes, two necklaces, and a comb. Children are able to reenact scenarios from the movie or create their own with the Anna and Elsa dolls since they have nine separate points of articulation, allowing the dolls to be placed in a variety of postures. Children older than three years old who like delving into the enchanted land of Arendelle and places beyond would be thrilled to receive this doll kit for their birthday or Christmas.
Anna and Elsa are well-known characters from Disney's Frozen movie franchise, and these iconic dolls of Anna and Elsa include their distinguishing haircuts.
The costumes that Anna and Elsa wear are based on the exquisite ensembles that were seen in Disney Frozen 2.

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