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Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars Kanan Jarrus Figure

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Kanan Jarrus, a former Jedi turned fugitive, leads bands of rebels in secret efforts to topple the Galactic Empire. With his Lightsaber in hand, he protects the innocent and instructs his Padawan, Ezra Bridger, in the ways of the Force. Kanan Jarrus is a Star Wars Rebels TV series character created by Lucasfilm Ltd. He can only be used once in each of the Star Wars Play Sets with Disney Infinity 3.0, after the Champion Coin has been gathered in each, and once in the Toy Box for Disney Infinity 3.0 and all Toy Box Expansion Games (Disney Infinity 3.0). He is Force-sensitive, and he was revealed among the other Star Wars Rebels characters on June 12th.

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