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Elasti Plasti 79383 Magnaglo, Multi, One Size

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Elasti Plasti Magnaglo is a glowing green goo that molds, stretches and squishes in your hands! This pot of stretchy slime can expand out up to 100 times its size! 

Elasti Plasti is a revolutionary new kind of super-soft goo that expands and stretches while also doing several other functions. With your friends, construct a massive, thin parachute. Elasti Plasti super stretches further than any other material ever created.  Elasti plasti is non-adhesive and does not adhere to anything.   Colors are subject to change. For kids who have the age of five and over.

Product Specifications
  • Ages: 3+
  • Size: 12.0 x 7.0 x 7.0 cm
  • MPN: 79383
  • Batteries: N/A
  • Weight: 450 g
  • EAN: 622222079383