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Enchantimals Tamika Tree Frog & Animal Friend Figure Burst

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The Enchantimals are a loving group of young women who have a unique connection with the animal companions they consider their closest friends. These endearing beings are hard at work bringing about equilibrium, tranquilly, and harmony among all living things. Together, they make their home in the enchanted realm of Everwilde, a place where thrills and excitement may be sought for in each and every one of its territories.
Although Junglewood is a perfect spot to hide or blend in with its surroundings, everyone of the town's inhabitants stands out in their own unique manner. These Junglewood Enchantimals like playing in the warm, bright rain when they aren't dangling from vines or playing in the tangled vegetation of their lush tropical habitat.
These Enchantimals frog pals are constantly seen together, and they also seem quite similar to one another. Tamika Tree Frog and Burst are both wide-eyed and insatiably inquisitive, and they are continuously moving on to new interests and activities. Children will have a lot of fun reenacting their favourite Enchantimals adventures and coming up with their own. And since there are two figures, your child will have twice as much fun playing with them!

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  • Size: 4.5 x 22 x 12.7 cm
  • MPN: GFN43
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  • Weight: 100.0000 g