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Fisher-Price Musical Home Decor 4 in 1 Potty for Toddlers

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This four-in-one Fisher-Price Home Decor is just like an adult toilet that has been shrunk down and turned into a potty, since that's exactly what the Potty is. Your child will be able to develop a feel for using the toilet thanks to the potty seat, which has grips that are simple to grasp and make the child feel safe, as well as a bowl that can be removed and is simple to clean. The detachable ring for the potty may then be used as supplemental assistance once your child is ready to go on to the regular toilet. And as a finishing touch, the toilet seat may be converted into a step stool that fits next to the sink.

On the rear, there are three buttons that light up and generate genuine flushing sounds. In addition, there are two pre-programmed activity timers that play upbeat music to promote healthy behaviours such as brushing one's teeth and washing one's hands.

A potty chair may serve as a training toilet, a potty ring, and even a stepstool as the child develops from an infant to a toddler. The light-up buttons may also trigger realistic flush noises and activity timers for activities like as washing one's hands and brushing one's teeth. There are even more characteristics, such as grips that are simple for toddlers to grab, which make toddlers feel more safe. In addition to being simple to clean, it comes with a bucket and splash guard that can be removed. Wipes are easily accessible and stored in the box on the rear.

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Product Specifications
  • Ages: 12+ Months
  • Size: 22.7 x 51.5 x 37 cm
  • MPN: HBX68
  • Batteries: 2 x AA Required
  • Weight: 3500g