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Friends Central Perk Combo Travel Coffee Mug 400ml & Metal Cold Water Bottle 640ml

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With this incredible Central Perk Combo Cup, you can bring a little bit of Manhattan into your everyday life. There is no need to drink directly from the bottle; rather, you may sip your beverage from the cup that is provided on board, or you can use it to split a beverage with a buddy while you wander about Central Park. When you're on the road, you can easily store the 640-milliliter (22-ounce) water bottle made of stainless steel inside the 400-milliliter (13-ounce) double-walled coffee cup. This water bottle is ideal for cold beverages. It is possible to take out the coffee cup, fill it, and then replace it with the lid that is located on the bottom of the bottle. When you are done, just slide the water bottle back inside so that any remaining droplets don't get your luggage wet. Bring it with you everywhere you go so that you won't have to resort to using throwaway cups. The Central Perk Combo Cup is packaged in a printed gift box, making it the ideal present for any anyone who enjoys the television series Friends. The television series, in addition to any collector who is looking to add genuine Friends-related products to their collection, will be pleased to have this addition.

Picking your best Friends from New York isn't as difficult as picking one of these toys from the franchise. All available at Maqio.

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  • Size: 8.6 x 26.7 x 8.6 cm
  • MPN: PP8437FR
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  • Weight: 460.0000 g