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Goal 10 Card Game 2-5 Players Football

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by Goal

The brand-new card game with a football theme that lets players experience the excitement and tension of a real football game is called GOAL 10, and it was designed by Fantasy Flight Games. The objective of the card game is to provide amusement for football lovers of all ages. Everyone from adults to toddlers enjoys playing Goal 10 because of its exciting gameplay, its simple rules, its quick pace, and its emphasis on community gaming. One deck of cards may accommodate anywhere from two to five players. If you put together two decks, you'll be able to host further matches or tournaments with as many as ten participants. Begin the match by holding the following five cards: Pick one card at random from the pile, then use your super moves to attack your opponent. The first player to reach five goals wins the match (the Manita!! Be mindful of the BONUS and MALUS cards, as they have the potential to turn even the most straightforward match on its head. Players run the risk of being drawn into a post-game altercation that will be broadcast on television or of being forced to take a penalty that will send chills down their spine. Who will come out on top in the match?

With Goal, you are sure to get the best out of the beautiful game at Maqio.

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