Halo 4 Series 1 Extended Edition Watcher Action Figure

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by Halo

The Watcher is an all-new character debuting in Halo 4. This versatile support unit is part of the brand new robotic Promethean enemy faction. Watcher includes a clear base for hovering action, and a hidden, flip-down stand that allows it to stand without its base. Watcher also features several removable pieces that allow it to fit inside the back of the deluxe Knight figure (sold separately).

On the battlefield, Watchers serve as a supporting unit, assisting Promethean ground forces with aerial combat screens and, in many cases, forcing opponents to confront the Sentinel before engaging the Watcher. In the rear of each Promethean Knight unit's armoured carapace, there is a single Watcher, which may be summoned whenever the unit needs him to. Watchers are basically low-level ancillas who get their power from the Promethean Knight, from whence they derive their origin. The artificial intelligence of the watcher is stored in the top carapace above the "head."

Using a gravity-displacement field, the Watcher is capable of healing and augmenting injured teammates, as well as giving them with hard light shields. He is also capable of capturing and returning hostile ordnance, such as grenades. They are equipped with a Boltshot that is incorporated into their body. Watchers have the ability to revive destroyed Knights from the little sphere of light that they leave behind when they die; however, this can only be done once per Knight. They are also capable of summoning Promethean Crawlers to the battlefield by conjuring the Crawlers' shapes from raw material found in the earth, which they use to attack their opponents. Watchers have the ability to construct concentrate turrets as well.

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