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Hasbro Gaming Simon Micro Series Game

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You just like playing electronic versions of the classic Simon game, and this one is portable. This smaller version of the Simon Micro Series game may be tiny, but it still provides the whole gameplay experience, complete with all of the lights and noises of the bigger version. Additionally, it has new elements that are not included in any of the previous versions of the Simon game. Prepare yourself to watch, memorise, and then repeat what you see.
In order to become an expert at this difficult game, you will need to commit the colour pattern to memory and then reproduce it by hitting the appropriate coloured button in the appropriate sequence. This instalment of the Simon Micro Series puts your skills to the test even more than its predecessors. As you go through the game and reach higher levels, you will encounter combinations, which consist of numerous lights that come on simultaneously and require you to press them all at the same time. Continue playing as you work toward your goal of completing all 14 levels and becoming the champion.
At parties, you and your friends may compete against one another with this game from the Simon Micro Series. You may make the game far more difficult by choosing to play in the Pass-it mode when you are joined by two or more other players. You continue to keep track of the colours and repeat them, but when you hear the music playing, it means that you've reached a new level and it's time to give the game to the next player. This version of the Micro Series game also contains the entertaining noises from the original Simon game.
It's an electronic game that can be played in the palm of your hand, yet it packs a punch when it comes to entertainment value. You may bring it out to parties, or you can play it by yourself and attempt to beat your personal best score. Are you able to get the highest possible score of 200 and complete all 14 levels? The Simon Micro Series game is an excellent option for a present.

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