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Hasbro Taboo Board Game 13+ Age 260 4+ Players Cards

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Taboo, the hilarious, edge-of-your-seat game of prohibited words, has a whole new appearance. You must convince your team to guess the hidden word in the Taboo game, although apparent hints are absolutely forbidden. Would you say arcade, game, flippers, tilt, or roll to persuade your team to say pinball? You can't in this game since all of those terms are outlawed. While racing against the time, have your squad predict as many terms as possible. However, if you mention a banned term, the other team will "squeak" you, and you will lose the word!
Even if you've played earlier versions of the classic Taboo game, this exciting, fast-paced game has been updated with over 100 new words. Topics related to today's pop culture and latest trends are included in the material.

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