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Learning Resources Good Behaviour Buckets Social Emotional

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Give the young children in your preschool class brand-new social-emotional learning (SEL) abilities. With these Studying Resources Good Behaviour Buckets, kids may learn how to fill their buckets with compassion, focus, and other beneficial social-emotional skills whether they are learning in the classroom or at home. Positive behaviours are recorded in the sunny orange bucket, while negative behaviours are recorded in the stormy purple bucket, in this set of simple-to-visualize early life behaviour trackers. The 30 pre-printed social-emotional behaviour stickers on these colourful 6-shape trackers (suns, hearts, and stars for excellent behaviour; clouds, lightning bolts, and rains for difficult behaviour) make these Good Behaviour Buckets ready to use in just a few minutes. This set of Good Behaviour Buckets also includes 30 blank stickers for youngsters to use to personalise their actions and engage in social-emotional learning activities. These Good Behaviour Buckets for preschoolers are made of durable, vibrant plastic and are ready for years of social-emotional activity. 34 pieces make up the set.

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