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Learning Resources Sight Word Bingo

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Young learners will enjoy using this well-known bingo-style game to practise their sight words. Children's knowledge should be reinforced at home or in a pleasant small group activity.
Children who acquire sight words do not need to decode or sound them out since they are so used to them. Their reading becomes more certain and flowing since they can recognise them at a glance.
Phases two and three of the Letters and Sounds Phonics Framework are covered by the words in this elementary reading game.
Level one includes words from Letters and Sounds Phonics Framework Phase Two and enhances sight word recognition. According to standard bingo rules, the person who covers three spots in a row, in any direction, wins.
Through the use of words from Phase Three of the Letters and Sounds Phonics Framework, Level 2 assists students in identifying sight words within a caption. When they locate the word on the spinner, players yell "bingo" and check their caption cards for it. Then, to indicate that the word has been discovered, players cover the illustration at the end of that line. Whoever covers three photographs first wins.

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