Little Live Pets OMG Pets Soft Squishy Cuddly Toy - Ballerina Puppy

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It's finally official! OMG, Pets Have a Lot of Talent! Super soft, squishy, and made to act, these new OMG Pets are a hit with kids everywhere! Squeeze this cute Ballerina pup and you'll hear her howl in a sweet song! This Little Live Pet has the ability to sing along to her own music. Put her in "Music Mode" and push down on her belly button. When you squeeze her fingers, she can sing along to three distinct musical tracks, with both long and short notes depending on how you press them! She can even vary her pitch when you squeeze the abdomen of this adorable pooch!

Little Live Pets are the ideal little pet friends for any child, get yours today here at Maqio.