Little Live Pets OMG Pets Soft Squishy Cuddly Toy - Grey Bunny

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"OMG! You've probably never seen a cuter newborn Bunny than this one. How adorable can a rabbit possibly be? My favourite thing in the world is to give and receive squishy hugs, and I can't wait to forge a new relationship with you and spend some fun moments together! I'm bouncy and cuddly, and I like playing. I'm ready to shower you with 24-carrot affection! OMG Animal Toys are a line of ""Sooo Soft"" interactive baby animal toys that are designed to look and sound like actual animals. Grab hold of me, and I'll spring to life in your hands! Petting and strokes are my favourite pastime.

Little Live Pets are the ideal little pet friends for any child, get yours today here at Maqio.