Make it real Juicy Couture Jewellery Box DIY Bracelets Crafts Creative Set Kids

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This Juicy Couture Glamour Jewelry Box Set is jam-packed with beads and charms to allow you to create a variety of bracelet designs. It has 360 beads and 19 other unique items. Create one-of-a-kind jewellery with the Juicy Couture fashion brand by selecting either satin cord or elastic cord and getting started. This package includes a jewellery box for storing your most recent creations, as well as your bracelets in progress, as well as all of the individual parts. 1x jewellery box, 6x Juicy Couture charms, 3x Juicy Couture closure beads, 1x chain bracelet, 3x colours of satin cord 2 m (2.2 yd) each, 1x clear elastic cord 4 m (4.4 yd), 360x varied beads, 2x ear clips, 1x sheet of ornamental gems, and 1x instruction booklet are included.

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