Megazord Power Rangers Playskool Heroes Mega Mighties Action Figure

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When the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers need to work together to safeguard Angel Grove, they enlist the assistance of their Dinozords. The Megazord is a huge battle vehicle piloted by the Power Rangers!
With the Playskool Heroes Mega Mighties Power Rangers action figures, you can ninja-kick into action and adventure! This massive 12-inch toy is sized just ideal for smaller rangers, allowing boys and girls to get a grasp on enormous fun. The Mega Mighties Megazord figure has six points of articulation, including the head, arms, elbows, and waist, allowing children aged three and older to position it in a variety of ways. Comes includes snap-on dino feet that can also be used as shields when connected to the figure's arms! Imagine battling against Rita Repulsa's assaults with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and their Megazord while wearing the shields and sword accessories included!

You can yell Go Go power-rangers at the top of your lungs with these awesome toys, plenty more available here at Maqio.

Product Specifications
  • Ages:
  • Size: 6.9 x 33.5 x 32 cm
  • MPN: E6361
  • Batteries:
  • Weight: 795.0000 g