Moshi Monsters Talking Plush Katsuma Soft Toy

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With the Moshi Monsters Talking Katsuma Moshi Soft Toy, you can cuddle up in bed and relax. Katsumas seem arrogant and robust on the surface, but once you get to know them, they reveal themselves to be sensitive and welcoming. Take a cuddle with this soft plush Moshi Monster, and give him a squeeze if you want to hear him giggle, chat, and laugh! Adoption Certificate and secret code included with your soft and cuddly buddy, which allows you to access an unique in-game item once you adopt him or her. Katsuma and the Moshi Monsters are having a conversation. The Moshi Soft Toy is a wonderful cuddly companion for lovers of the Moshi Monsters series. It stands at 23cm in height. Ages 4 and older are appropriate for this game. Plush Moshi Monsters that converse to you This is the perfect gift for any Moshi Monsters enthusiast! - The latest internet fad among children! Squeeze my belly to hear what I'm saying. Contains a hidden code that unlocks a free in-game item. Additionally, get your own own adoption certificate for your talking points. Moshi Monster is a fictional character created by Japanese manga artist Moshi Monster. 

Product Specifications
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  • Size: 26.5 x 25.0 x 16.0 cm
  • MPN: 78171
  • Batteries: N/A
  • Weight: 330 g
  • EAN: 653569324812