My Little Pony Rainbow Reveal Sunny Starscout 15cm Orange with Rainbow Braid

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Get to meet Sunny Starscout, a Maretime Bay Earth Pony! Sunny is inquisitive, daring, and dedicated to making the world a better place. With Rainbow Reveal Sunny Starscout, inspired by the My Little Pony: A New Generation film, imagine uncovering a bright surprise hidden behind her distinctive braid.
Sunny Starscout is a 15 cm orange pony figurine with a character-inspired shooting star Cutie Mark on one side and a character-inspired shooting star Cutie Mark on the other. The figure features silky, flowing pink hair that is perfect for hair play! You may braid her hair with the included braiding tool, revealing a vibrant rainbow design as you go. There are 17 hair and tale accessories included. Use the clips, headband, and bracelet to personalise Sunny's outfit, then set her movie-inspired diary inside her classic saddle bag and decorate with stickers! My Little Pony: A New Generation toys and presents for kids aged 5 and up allow new and existing fans to envision new adventures.

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Product Specifications
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  • Size: 6.5 x 25.5 x 23 cm
  • MPN: F1794
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  • Weight: 345.0000 g