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My little Pony Snow Party Countdown Mini Action Figures Advent Calendar

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Meet some pals that are Earth Ponies, Pegasus, and Unicorns! Favorite characters from the My Little Pony universe include: In the enchanted unicorn kingdom of Bridlewood Forest, A New Generation are taking part in a winter party adventure.
With 25 days of surprises, the event will be coming up soon! For children, the Snow Party Countdown advent calendar has 25 gem-shaped cardboard doors. You may choose to unravel all the secrets at once, or open one door every day for 25 days of unexpected disclosures. Contains 16 lovely 1.5-inch small pony figurines, 9 animals with unicorn horns, and 6 stickers. totaling 31 surprises! Sunny Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, Princess Petals, Zipp Storm, and more characters are included. A charming bundle with a holiday theme includes a wintery landscape from Bridlewood Forest. Kids may use this as a backdrop for making up adventures that are inspired by movies! For children 3 years of age and older, this My Little Pony movie toy is a wonderful winter holiday present.

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