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Nerf Fortnite Gun Kids Blaster - 6 Rockets Hasbro - GL Rocket

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by Nerf

The Nerf Fortnite GL blaster is inspired by the weapon used in the famous video game Fortnite, and it is designed to appear exactly like the weapon from the game. The GL blaster blasts large foam Nerf rockets, resulting in intense battle action! With a revolving drum that carries up to six rockets, you may launch one rocket at a time by manually moving the handle on top of the device. When you pull the handle all the way forward, the drum spins, putting a rocket in a ready-to-fire position. To fire the rocket, pull the lever all the way back to the starting position. A further rocket may be launched by moving the handle forward and backwards again. This set contains six Official Nerf rockets, which is enough to completely fill the drum. Take on your opponents with the massive, intimidating firepower of the Nerf Fortnite GL blaster! Protective eyewear is suggested (not included). Epic Games retains ownership of the intellectual property. Hasbro, as well as any associated words, are trademarks of the Hasbro Corporation.

Comes with six Nerf rocket darts that have been tested and certified for performance and quality by the manufacturer."

Water guns, blasters and aids, we have everything you could want for a good Nerf war here at Maqio. Take a look today.

Product Specifications
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  • Size: 13 x 92 x 35 cm
  • MPN: E8910
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  • Weight: 3130.0000 g