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Paw Patrol Fancy Dress Station Pet Parlour & Dough Playset

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Play with Dough to create wild and colourful hairstyles for the Paw Patrol dogs with this fantastic Fancy Dress Station Dough Play Set! Create a unique design on each of the tubes using one of the puppies stickers and attach it to the corresponding coloured foot. Afterwards, place each pooch in the style chair and use the brightly coloured dough and 14 hair styling accessories that included with the set to make them look simply stunning! With your favourite Paw Patrol characters as the focus, you may enjoy hours of nonstop entertainment creating them fresh, wild haircuts.

There are four different colours of dough. There is one chair, one screw, and one base. There are four tubes and four feet. There is one sticker sheet. There is one scissor. There is one comb. There is one cutting tool. It is certain to be a big success with all Paw Patrol fans, and it is a fantastic method for children to express themselves and develop their imaginations via play dough.

Paw Patrol characters are the ideal friends for any child, get yours today here at Maqio.