Pet Parade Deluxe Play World Toy

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Pet Parade pups walk and move like actual puppies! A joystick button on the pups' back may be used to make them walk and move. By pressing this button, the puppy will walk in the direction chosen by their owner, and children will be able to manipulate their puppy's head, eyes, and tail, giving the impression that they are 'teaching' their puppy! The pups may play with their accessories as well! The pups can play with toys, consume food, and socialise with other puppies. Take your dog for a stroll by attaching the puppy's lead to the collar. Each puppy comes with a bone-shaped tag that you can personalise with your dog's name. With this Pet Parade Playset's interactive elements, you can train and groom your Pet Club Puppies! The carousel, which revolves around to help your puppy walk and chase the butterflies, is a great way to train your puppy. By pushing the joystick button or using their collar and leash, your puppy may learn to walk up and down the ramps and weave in and out of the cones. After your dog has completed their training, relax on the swing or play fetch with their ball with the ball thrower. Bring your puppy into their feeding area and lead them to their food dish, where they may eat from it. Give your dog a bath, use the hair dryer, brush, and towel to pamper them, and check if they enjoy their new appearance with the spinning pedestal and mirror. After that, parade your dog about and then take them up to their bed for a sleep. Take your puppy on a stroll while on a leash, observe it open the gate, and teach it to get the newspaper or letter from the mailbox. Reward your puppy's excellent behaviour with a nice reward. A rare Black Labrador and bulldog puppy are included in this bundle! This set may be used to teach all Pet Club Parade pups. Ages 3 and above are recommended. Cones, ramps, and a post box playset are included, as well as 1 newspaper, 1 envelope, 1 bulldog puppy, 1 black labrador puppy, 2 bones, 2 leashes, and 2 adjustable collars.

Product Specifications
  • Ages: 3+
  • Size: 39.2 x 29.3 x 15.1 cm
  • MPN: 18546
  • Batteries: N/A
  • Weight: 1000 g
  • EAN: 8001444167276