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Play-Doh Retro Crazy Cuts Pack

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All prospective barbers and stylists are invited to apply. The Crazy Cuts crank chair comes with a pair of zany Play-Doh locks for each member of the Play-Doh thimble family. Explore some sassy 'dos with the book-moulds, including mohawks and buns, or use the half-moulds to accent stylish cuts with colourful braid or ribbons after the client has goofy Play-Doh locks! Dress them up in exquisite updos and Play-Doh pompadours for special events with the thimble family. Play-Doh styles are constantly in trend at Crazy Cuts barbershop.
Do you have a riot of colour on your mind? Do you want to experiment with some strange and unusual combinations? Fill a tray with a variety of Play-Doh colours to offer clients sweet highlights or frosted tips. The crazy 'n wild 'dos may be shaped with the goofy scissors—just cut and style to create colourful, fashionable Play-Doh looks. Oh, the bobs, buzz cuts, and braids! The chair base's accessory tools and moulds make it simple to produce a plethora of stunning designs and trinkets for every occasion.
Crazy Cuts, crazy good times! How many different Play-Doh hairstyles can small hands create, mash, and style? What beautiful adornments and shapeable accessories may inspire absurd Play-Doh looks? The opportunities for hands-on, open-ended discovery with Play-Doh are as endless as your imagination. Simply open a can, choose a tool, and go to work.