Polly Pocket Flip & Find Cat Chat Gato Compact Flip Feature & Micro Doll

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Polly Pocket's newest play set is both tiny and charming! This Flip & Find tiny playhouse in the style of a cat with a lovely front door that opens, a miniature Polly doll, a cat figurine, and three things to investigate. To create an additional play area, the compact may be opened 90 degrees and then flipped 270 degrees (and the centre is turned over). Slide Polly doll onto the platform, fill it with water, and watch the carrots spring to life. Swing the basket back and forth while holding the adorable rabbit figurine.

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Product Specifications
  • Ages:
  • Size: 5.3 x 25.5 x 13 cm
  • MPN: GTM61
  • Batteries:
  • Weight: 140.0000 g