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Polly Pocket S.U.V Adventure Wheels

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Polly is able to condense herself into a pocket size because to a mystical necklace that she receives from her grandmother. This enables her to go on exploits that may be little but are certainly not insignificant. This collection of items, which excels in both design and detail and offers an outstanding price point, will be adored by fans all around the world.
Polly Pocket is geared up and ready to go in her super-sporty Secret Utility Vehicle, which is stocked with of surprising revelations. In addition, there is a Polly doll that is three inches tall, a tiny Polly doll, and a little car that can be stored in the trunk! This off-roader furthermore has hub caps in the form of hearts and a secret car wash environment concealed under the trunk.
Because there are so many exciting locations to explore, the Secret Utility Vehicle could become dirty every once in a while; therefore, when you open the truck, you will discover a concealed a car wash setting so that Polly doll can wash the little vehicle!

Join Polly and her friends and enjoy their little worlds with the other Polly Pocket toys, here at Maqio.

Product Specifications
  • Ages:
  • Size: 14 x 38 x 25.5 cm
  • MPN: FWY26
  • Batteries: N/A
  • Weight: 400.0000 g