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Rusty Rivets Rusty’s Supermoto with Pullback Wheels and Figure 20101270

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This Rusty Rivets Supermoto and figure is easy to build and so much fun when it is, with its pull back wheels to send Rusty and his Supermoto racing through Sparkton Hills, you can also combine this set with others to build even more. At our discounted price, this Rusty Rivets toy is a bargain deal, beating other toy shops across the UK. For even more toy deals for Spin Master toys and beyond be sure to keep coming back to Maqio Toys!

Rusty Rivets is an animated television series created in 3D computer graphics and produced in Canada by Arc Productions and Spin Master Entertainment for Treehouse TV and Nickelodeon. It chronicles the exploits of a teenage inventor called Rusty and his crew of modified robots and is inspired by aspects of the maker culture.

Arc Productions completed its last animation production, which was the first season of this show, before being merged into Jam Filled Toronto in August of 2016. Rusty Rivets is a young child who utilises his expertise of engineering to reuse machine components and make devices for himself and his friends. Sparkton Hills is a city that he resides in with his companion Ruby Ramirez, a robotic tyrannosauroid called Botasaur, and a gang of lesser robots known as the Bits. [Citation required] The programme provides an overview of a wide range of scientific and technological principles and topics.

When it comes to giving his creations his own unique spin, Rusty is fond of repeating the catchphrase "modify, customise, Rustify." When Ruby makes the revisions, the very last word becomes "Rubify," and when Liam makes the same change, the very last word becomes "Liamify" (also only once).

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