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Scholastic Naughty Narwhal Paperback Book

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Naughty Narwhal is the sweetest (and naughtiest) narwhal you'll ever meet, and it comes to you from the same people that brought you Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop. The narwhal is often regarded as the sneakiest and most mischievous marine mammal.
She is constantly getting into mischief no matter where she goes. And one day, Narwhal notices that all of her pals are getting together for a party, only to realise that she wasn't invited. Oh dear, what will Narwhal do in this predicament?
This heartfelt and hilarious picture book about friendship and helping others is the ideal choice for any and all young readers. The shimmering holographic foil on the cover elevates this present to the level of something really exceptional.

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