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Scholastic Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop Board Book

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It's the book about unicorns that you didn't even know you wanted, and now it's available in a gorgeous board book format that's just right for kids. A tale about the importance of friendship, being yourself, and rainbow unicorn poop!
Say hello to Unicorn. Unicorn is exactly the same as every other unicorn that exists; she has a gorgeous mane that is so silky smooth, a sparkling horn that shines in the sunshine, and flawlessly pink hooves that shimmer as she gallops.
Aside from the fact that she has rainbow poop, of course. What are you talking about? Haven't you heard about her rainbow poop?
This very wonderful children's book was written by Emma Adams and Katy Halford, and it covers such things as RAINBOW POOP, unicorns, rainbows, dragons, princesses, fairies, goofiness, and mischief.

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