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Science4You Yucky Science STEM educational Science Kit with 12 Experiments

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With these disgusting experiments, you'll discover exactly how awful science can be. Create nasty excrement, monsters, fake snot, vomit, and other unpleasant things. Through play, a STEM-focused product may aid in the stimulation of educational growth and creativity.
Having a good time making worms, horrible eggs, brains, and gooey eyeballs! Yucky Science allows you to create the most nasty yet fantastic experiments possible! Make a bizarre faeces that may be either solid or liquid in consistency. Make a fantastic sewer monster out of a garbage can. Make up fake snot and fake vomit to fool people. Farts may be simulated while learning about how farts arise in living things. Yucky Science is intended to pique the interest of young scientists while also helping them to improve skills such as creativity, focus, and memory.

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  • Size: 6.5 x 38 x 30 cm
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