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Sylvanian Families 5263 Village Cake Shop

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Product Specifications

  • Ages: 3+
  • Size: 39.0 x 26.0 x 19.0 cm
  • MPN: 5263
  • Batteries: N/A
  • Weight: 1450 g
  • EAN: 5054131052631

The great opening of the Sylvanian Village Cake Shop has taken place! The Toy Poodle mother is overjoyed to be able to share her collection of confectionaries with the rest of the town and encourage everyone to taste them. Because of the extraordinary attention to detail, the cake embellishments nearly appear like they could be eaten! especially when they are exhibited on the tabletops and counters that come with the set.

Visit Maqio Toys to see the whole collection of Sylvanian Families playsets and figurines that they have to offer. The beginning and development of a project

Sylvanian Families were designed and introduced in Japan by Epoch on March 20, 1985, marking the beginning of the company's dollhouse and anthropomorphic animal figure manufacture. The initial dollhouses and other playsets were constructed of porcelain, while the furniture was made of wood in the early editions of the line. Later versions, on the other hand, substituted plastic and metal for the original components in the manufacturing process. However, the toys were re-released in North America the following year with slightly different packaging and small alterations to the figures. The Pleasant Friends of the Forest Epoch System Collection Animal Toy Sylvanian Families (, Mori noyu kaina nakama-tachi Epokkusha shisutemu korekushon animaruti shirubania famira) toyline was originally released under the title Pleasant Friends of the Forest Epoch System Collection Animal Toy Sylvanian Families (, Mori noyu kain But it was renamed to what it is now known to be today. The term "Sylvanian" comes from the Roman deity Silvanus and meaning "of the forest."

In October 1987, an animated television series based on the books was launched, created by DIC Animation City and TMS Entertainment and running for 13 episodes. The series was very successful in the United Kingdom and Spain. The name of the television series based on the Sylvanian Families has been changed in various nations due to cultural differences. It was also shown in the United States in the late 1980s on The CBN Family Channel and again in the late 1990s on PAX TV, among other networks. Later the same year, the company's success in these areas led to the company's growth into Western Europe, which began with the acquisition of exclusive rights for the brand in the United Kingdom by Tomy's UK subsidiary. Tomy first debuted Sylvanian Families to the United Kingdom market in 1987, and the series rapidly became a hit.

When Sylvanian Families debuted in 1988, they had become a worldwide sensation, earning the British Association of Toy Retailers' "Toy of the Year" award for three consecutive years (1987-1988-1989), as well as several other accolades. In 1993, Tomy, the company that had been selling the toys all over the globe, was forced to relinquish the rights to the name "Sylvanian Families" in Canada and the United States.