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Sylvanian Families Bear Family Set 4 of Figures

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Everyone in Sylvanian Village puts their faith in Patrick since he is the mayor of the town. He is always considering new things that may be done for the community of Sylvanian Village and ensuring that everyone there is doing well. Even though he has a demanding profession, he claims that he never feels worn out while he is in the presence of his wife Margaret because she always manages to make him laugh.
Margaret has excellent table manners and is a wonderful role model for the students she teaches. During her classes on etiquette, she doesn't act prim and proper; instead, she has such a cheery grin that even the naughtiest youngsters would listen to her and acquire excellent manners from her.
Piers has a voracious appetite, as shown by the fact that he is always complaining, "I'm hungry." While he is having fun with his companions, if he detects the aroma of food, he can't help but follow his nose.
Andromeda is very skilled at both listening to what her friends have to say and assisting them in coming to a consensus on various issues. When the youngsters were planning the Christmas play, nobody could determine what to do, but Andromeda helped them come up with a performance that would satisfy everyone's needs and ensure everyone had a good time.

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