Sylvanian Families Boutique Shop and Accessories with Persian Cat Mother

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A gorgeous purple sign with pink rhinestones hangs in a store with a large display window. The shopkeeper and the Persian Cat mother are included in the set.
There are many accessories, such as purses, jewellery, and outfits, that you may use to build up your boutique in the store window and display> With this glitzy new store, you can shop 'til you drop! Cecilia Teak is a fashionista who has created a fantastic line of bags, shoes, jewellery, and accessories for your fashionable Sylvanians to purchase! She's even dressed up in a special gown for the occasion; just watch her spin! With a variety of shoes, enticing jewellery, and a plethora of adorable purses, your Sylvanians will be enjoying their new appearance all day!

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  • Size: 19 x 39 x 26 cm
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  • Weight: 1400.0000 g