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Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family 4 Figures Playset

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Frasier likes organising a variety of entertaining events and gatherings in Sylvanian Village. His village buddies like him because he is constantly organising fantastic parties. He enjoys baking bread for his family on his days off. Teri is constantly looking out for her family and making the home a welcoming environment. She always prepares delectable meals and carefully redesigns the children's clothing when they grow out of it. Her children believe she is capable of magic since she can create anything in a short amount of time. Coco excels at football, kicking the ball farther than any of the other kids.
He's usually cheerful and makes his classmates laugh with his jokes, but in math class, he suddenly becomes silent since he's not very good at it. Freya is a happy young lady who enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She often invites her friends to gatherings at her home and presents them with delectable sweets that she and her mother have cooked together. She is an excellent artist who has won several awards in school contests. Paddock is a rambunctious young man who can't seem to sit still for long. He runs, skips, and jumps all over the place. Paddock excels at the playground game of 'catch,' but he falters in 'hide and seek.'

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